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  • 2018 Utgivelsesår

Basso, Romina – mezzo-soprano | Il Dolce Conforto

Fleischhanderl, Franziska

Basso, Romina – mezzo-soprano |  Fleischhanderl, Franziska – salterio & direction | Paoli, Nicola – cello | Tomadi, Manuel – organ | Perer, Deniel – harpsichord & organ

Perotti, Fulgenzio | Martini, Giovanni Battista | Ubaldi, Florido | Rossi, Girolamo | Ugolino, Vito



Perotti, Fulgenzio: Sonata per Salterio;
Martini, Giovanni Battista: Motetto per Salterio e Clavicembalo obbligato per solo alto;
Ubaldi, Florido: Sinfonia da Salerio col Basso;
Rossi, Girolamo: Lezione Quarta;
Ugolino, Vito: Sonata per Salterio con Basso;



The young Austrian salterio virtuoso Franziska Fleischanderl presents on her second CD Italian music for salterio from Venice to Naples. The salterio enjoyed great popularity in aristocratic circles in 18th century Italy and was heard in church, at the theatre and at court. In spite of its noble past, the Italian salterio today is almost unknown. But hundreds of compositions for virtuosos and laymen demonstrate the interest of the upper classes in this instrument. The composer’s names of this selection are nearly all totally unknown, but their music is composed fresh and inventive in the upcoming Rococo style.

The playing practice is based on research by Franziska Fleischanderl on the Italian salterio in the 18th century: owing to its construction, the salterio allows for two completely different playing techniques which were both used equally. The strings can either be plucked (pizzicato) or struck with two mallets (battuto).

On this CD, original Italian salterio music was recorded for the first time on an original instrument using both playing techniques in equal measure, moreover while played upon using the first faithful replicas of Italian salterio mallets worldwide.


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Salterio Italiano <span>-</span> Basso, Romina – mezzo-soprano | Il Dolce Conforto Salterio Italiano Basso, Romina – mezzo-soprano | Il Dolce Conforto

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