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Churchill, Winston


Alto Take 2


BBC Bulletins

Britain Must Arm (USA speech)(Oct.16th,1938)
Churchill as P.M. (Blood. Toil, Tears..)(May 13th,1940)
Be Ye Men of Valour (May 19th,1940)
Colossal Military Disaster (Fight on the Beaches)(June 4th, 1940)
Their Finest Hour (June 18th,1940)
The First Year (Never Have so Many)(Aug.20th,1940)
The Crux / Every Man to his Duty (Sept.11,1940)
Give us the Tools (Feb.9th,1941) Westward Look, the Land is Bright (Apr.27th,1941)
Do Your Worst (from London, Blitz (July 14th,1941)
Some Chicken - Some Neck ! (Canada Parliament)(Dec.30th,1941)
The End of the Beginning (Nov.10th,1942)
Unconditional Surrender (War Ends in Europe)(May 8th, 1945)
The Sinews of Peace (Iron Curtain)(May 5th, 1946)(Westminster College, Fulton, Missouri)

Hitler Marches into Austria -
Chamberlain Returns from Munich -
Invasion of Poland –
UK Mobilisation –
Evacuation of Children –
War Declared
Fall of France – Air Raid Warning –
The Blitz –
Navy News –
Vera Lynn – UK Bomber Report –
The V-Sign –
News from North Africa – Lili Marlene –
El Alamein –
Japan Attacks –
Italy Surrenders – Italy declares War on Germany –
Moonlight Serenade (exc) – D Day Reports –
Field Marshal Eisenhower – East and West Meet –
Vera Lynn –
Hitler is Dead – Fall of Berlin –
German Surrender –
Atom Bomb Hiroshima
Taunting the Government before Appointment as P.M: St.George & The Dragon (April 29th 1933)
A Sense of Collective Security (April 30th 1938)
Further Major Wartime Speeches: The First Month of War (Oct.1st, 1939)
In the End, All Will be Well (Fall of France) (June 17th,1940)
War of the Unknown Warriors (July 14th,1940)
Lift up your Hearts (June 12th, 1941)
Hitler is a Monster of Wickedness (June 22nd,1941)
For More than a Year... (July 29th, 1941)
We are still Masters of our Fate (Sept.9th,1941)
Never Give in (Oct.29th,1941)
How are we Going to Win this War? (Nov.7th,1941)
Speech Broadcast U.S Congress (May 19th, 1943)
Thanksgiving Day (Nov.23rd, 1944)
This is Your Victory (V.E day Crowds)(May 8th,1945)
We Need a United States of Europe (Zürich,Sept 1946)

Looking back: History recollected by WSC: The Lurking Dangers: the Loaded Pause (1937)
The King’s Invitation (8th May, 1940)

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150 minutes of stirring memories including nostalgic Wartime News Bulletins               


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‘Finest Hour’ Winston Churchill’s Greatest Speeches Plus Wartime News Bulletins <span>-</span> Churchill, Winston ‘Finest Hour’ Winston Churchill’s Greatest Speeches Plus Wartime News Bulletins Churchill, Winston

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