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  • 2CD Format
  • 1997 Utgivelsesår

Darling, David (cello)



Godard, Jean-Luc: Nouvelle Vague (original soundtrack):

Dino Saluzzi: Winter
David Darling: Far Away Lights
Patti Smith: Distant Fingers
Jean Schwartz: Charta Koa
David Darling: Solo Cello
Werner Pirchner: Kammer-Symphonie
Paolo Conte: Blue Tango
Meredith Monk: Do You Be
Werner Pirchner: Sonate vom rauhen Leben, Do You Know Emperor Joe
Dino Saluzzi: Transmutation
Paul Hindemith: Mathis der Maler (Grablegung), Trauermusik, Mathis der Maler (Versuchung des heiligen Antonius)
David Darling: Solo Cello, Clouds
Dino Saluzzi: Andina
David Darling: Solo Cello And Voice
Dino Saluzzi: Winter
David Darling: Solo Cello And Voice
Heinz Holliger: Trema für Violoncello Solo
Werner Pirchner: Kleine Messe um C für den lieben Gott
Paul Hindemith: Sonate für Viola (1937)
Paul Giger: Crossing
Arnold Schoenberg: Verklärte Nacht
Paul Hindemith: Sonate für Bratsche und Klavier op. 11-4
Arnold Schoenberg: Verklärte Nacht
Gabriella Ferri: A ZaZa
Arnold Schoenberg: Verklärte Nacht
Paul Hindemith: Sonate für Bratsche allein op. 25-1, Mathis der Maler (Grablegung), Trauermusik
David Darling: Far Away Lights
Dino Saluzzi: Winter


This is the complete soundtrack - music, dialogue, sounds - of Jean-Luc Godard's Nouvelle Vague, premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 1990."In making this film," Godard said at a press conference later that year, "I heard a great deal of music; music produced by Manfred Eicher.I can well imagine how musicians are inspired and influenced by these sounds. And I too have immersed myself in this music, and I have felt,in my work, like a musician." Interviewed at the Toronto Film Festival of 1996, Godard returned to this theme: "Manfred began our relationship by sending me some music. It was new music of Arvo Pärt and, especially, David Darling, which I had never heard of before. And after listening, I wrote to him and asked him to send me more records of his company. And I had the feeling, the way he was producing sound that we were moreor less in the same country: he with sounds, me with images. And the music that he sends me is music that brings me to some ideas in moviemaking. In fact, some of the records brought me to a picture called Nouvelle Vague and later other ones... and I began to imagine things due to that kind of music." Cahiers du Cinéma: "The Nouvelle Vague soundtrack is magnificent. The intertwining of the various forms of music, voices and sounds is one of the most extraordinary ever heard, even including Godard's oeuvre." Includes the voices of Alain Delon, Domiziana Giordano, Roland Amstutz, Laurence Cote, Jacques Dacqmine, Christophe Odent, Laurence Guerre, Joseph Lisbona, and others.


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Godard, Jean-Luc: Nouvelle Vague (Soundtrack) <span>-</span> Darling, David (cello) Godard, Jean-Luc: Nouvelle Vague (Soundtrack) Darling, David (cello)

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