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Emma Curtis (Contralto)

Anglosini, Seignr | Anonymous | Arne, Thomas Augustine | Blow, John | Boyce, William | Burgess, Henry | Carey, Henry | Corelli, Arcangelo | Digard, David | Galliard, John Ernst | Geminiani, Francesco | Greene, Maurice | Handel, George Frideric | Holcombe, Henry | Lampe, John Friedrich | Martin, Jonathan | Monro, George | Pescetti, Giovanni Battista | Purcell, Henry | Ramsay, Allan | Vanburgh, John

The Frolick

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Calliope - Volume The First - English Songbooks of the 1700s

Anglosini: A New Cantata

anon.: Cupid and Venus
A New Song
The Country Girl's Farewell
Down the Burn Davie
The Forsaken Maid
On Zelinda
Linco's Advice to Damon
The Apology
The Despairing Lover
Dumbarton's Dream

Arne: The Miller of Mansfield

Borman: The Thirsty Toper

Boyce: The Modest Petition

Burgess, H: England's Lamentation for the Loss of Farinelli

Carey, H: The Supplication
Sad Musidora
The Lady’s Lamentation for the Loss of Senesino
Gen'rous Love
The Midsummer Wish
A Pastoral
The Maid's Husband
Stand by! Clear the way!
A Song

Corelli: The Praise of Bacchus

Digard: My Jolly Companion
The Generous Confession

Galliard: The Early Horn
Oft on the Troubled Ocean

Geminiani: A Song to a Favourite Minuet of Geminiani's

Greene, M: The Fly
True Love
The Flea

Handel: A Dialogue Between Punch & Columine
A favourite Aire in Ariadne
A favourite Aire in Alcina
The Melancholy Nymph from The What d'ye Call it? (1715)

Holcombe, H: The Forsaken Nymph
The Syren of the Stage

Lampe: The Coquet
The Dying Nymph
Solitary Lover
The Wand'ring Lover
The Plain Dealer
On Gallant Moor of Moorhall
The Maid's Request

Martin, Jonathan: The Address to Sleep

Munro, G: Dying Swan

Pescetti: The Charmer

Purcell: Celia has a thousand charms from The Rival Sisters, or The Violence of Love, Z609

Ramsay, A: Corn Riggs are Bonny

Vanbrugh: The Coquet

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Emma Curtis & The Frolick invite you back to London, 1739, for an evening of music-making at the height of Handel’s fame. Performing music from Calliope, the era’s most popular songbook, with period instruments and style, more than fifty songs from the opera, theatre, coffee-house, tavern, folk and soapbox, including A Favourite Aire by Mr. Handel in Ariadne, England’s Lamentation on the Loss of Farinelli, Maurice Greene’s The Fly, and many by Signor Animo. Calliope displays a broad and entertaining picture of 18th century London, reflecting the society for which it was collected, allowing us to see and feel the world and the humour in which its songs were born. Each song is its own microcosm of society and style.

London-born Emma Curtis is blessed with a rare, rich voice – “the most contralto Contralto I’ve heard,” according to Marilyn Horne – which couldn’t be better suited to the gender-bending theatricality of the songs on Calliope, her debut recording. Together with period-instrument ensemble The Frolick – variably mixing violin, flute, theorbo, baroque guitar, lute, cello and triple harp – she breathes life and spirit into this true discovery of the 18th century.

“Across the recital Curtis employs an impressive array of expressive vocal colours. …her deepest register is outstanding when used for natural sweet singing. These diverting and entertaining songs fully deserve their new lease of life.” Gramophone


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Calliope - Volume The First - English Songbooks Of The 1700s <span>-</span> Emma Curtis (contralto) Calliope - Volume The First - English Songbooks Of The 1700s Emma Curtis (contralto)

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