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Ensemble Barockin`

Bach, Johann Sebastian

Ensemble Barockin`



Johann Sebastian Bach:
Musikalisches Opfer BWV 1079

Regis lussu Cantio et Reliqua Canonica Arte Resoluta
1. Ricercar a 3
2. Canon perpetuus super Thema Regium

Canones diversa sopra Thema Regium
3. Canon 1, a 2 cancrizans (2 Vn)
4. Canon 2, a 2 Violini in unisono (2 Vn, Vc)
5. Canon 3, a 2 per Motum contrarium (Fl, Hrps)
6. Canon 4, a 2 per Augmentationem. contrario Motu (2 Vn, Va da G)
7. Canon 5, a 2 per Tonos (Vn, Hrps)
8. Fuga canonica in Epidiapente (Fl, Vn, Vc)

Quaerendo invenietis
9.-10. Canon a 2 (Vc P, Vc) / Canon a 4 (2 Vn, 2 Vc)
11.14. Sonata sopr`il Soggetto Reale a Traversa, Violino e Continuo (Fl, Vn, Vc, Hrps)
15. Canon perpetuus (Fl, Vn, Vc)

Regis lussu Cantio et Reliqua Canonica Arte Resoluta
16. Ricercar a 6 (Hrps)

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“Nicht Bach, sondern Meer sollte er heißen!” (Ludwig van Beethoven) (Translator’s note: “It’s not Bach he should be called, but Meer!” In German, this is a play on words: “Bach” means brook and “Meer” means sea.)

The “Musical Offering” collection of pieces, dedicated to the Prussian King, Frederick II, is a contrapuntal masterpiece, in which Johann Sebastian Bach seems to draw every conceivable facet from a single theme (Thema Regium – royal theme). It is a musical testament of the old master, full of freshness, creativity and original quality – like an endless sea.

With this recording, Ensemble Barockin’ presents a musically careful and genuinely new interpretation.



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