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  • 2015 Utgivelsesår

Ex Cathedra | Skidmore, Jeffrey

Skidmore, Jeffrey

McLorinan, Martha (alto) | Hobbs, Thomas (tenor) | Wood, Amy (soprano) | Skidmore, Greg (bass) | Trethewey, Katie (soprano) | Boden, Samuel (tenor) | Drury, Elizabeth (soprano) | Horsewood, Adrian (bass) | Ashby, Nick (bass)

Cyro de Souza, Theodoro | Lobo de Mesquita, José Joaquim Emerico | Nunes Garcia, padre Jose Mauricio | Pinto, Luiz Álvares | Silva Gomes, André da

Ex Cathedra



anon.: Matais de incendios
anon.: Para abrasar corações
Cyro de Souza: Ascendit Deus
Lobo de Mesquita: Tercio: Padre nosso
Nunes Garcia: Missa pastoril para a noite de natal
Luís Álvares Pinto: Lição de solfejo No 25
Silva Gomes: Missa a 8 vozes e instrumentos
Luís Álvares Pinto: 5 Divertimentos harmônicos

Short, Nigel

Wass, Tony


This wonderful new recording casts a dazzling light on composers whose names are as obscure as their music is revelatory. Mozart from an unfettered South America?

The writing for upper voices in Lobo de Mesquita's Padre nosso gleams alluringly, and has the same quality of artless fluidity which seems to characterise Brazilian music of this period. The performances catch effectively this sense of freshness and spontaneity, and one can only hope there might be a second volume in the offing. BBC ****

[Skidmore's] visit [to Brazil] has culminated in an unexpectedly touching and beautiful portrait of Brazilian early music that is sure to surprise even the most intrepid musical explorers. 'Brazilian Adventures' is striking not only for its tender approach but also for the focus on later historical styles than one normally associates with these performers. Gramophone


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Brazilian Adventures <span>-</span> Ex Cathedra / Skidmore, Jeffrey Brazilian Adventures Ex Cathedra / Skidmore, Jeffrey

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