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  • 2016 Utgivelsesår

La Morra

Marti, Corina | Condko, Michal

Grudencz, Petrus Wilhelm de | anon. | Holandrinus, Johannes | Jawor, Othmarus Opilionis de | Radomia, Mikolaj z | Tourout, Johannes



Petrus Wilhelm de Grudencz: 15th-century music from Central Europe:

Domine ad adiuvandum me festina
Veni, da gaudiorum, Veni
Ave mater summi nati
Virginem mire pulchritudins
Resurgente domino
Ave Mater o Maria
Mit ganczem Willen
Der Winter will hin weichen
Christus...vinctos...Christus ... Mala
Ex trinitatis culmine

Grudencz, Petrus Wilhelm de:
Predulcis eurus turbinis
Pneuma, Veni, Paraclito, Dator
Kyrie: Fons bonitatis
Probleumata enigmatum
Plaude euge theotocos
Psalteriis et timpanis
Promitat eterno
Psalmodium exileratum

Holandrinus, Johannes: Virelai
Jawor, Othmarus Opilionis de: Rondeau

Radomia, Mikolaj z:
Historigraphi aciem mentis

Tourout, Johannes: O gloriosa regina mundi

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The release of a new recording from La Morra is always exciting in terms of creative and imaginative artistry and not just within the realms of late medieval and early Renaissance music. With a disc focusing on the 15th-century composer Petrus Wilhelmi de Grudencz, in a production from the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis strand on Glossa, the ensemble is set to repeat its happy knack of alighting upon an area of largely untravelled repertoire and making a fascinating programme from it.

Wilhelmi was what can be called a Central-European composer: born in today’s Poland he was active in German, Bohemian and Silesian territory, a musician from within the Holy Roman Empire, and open to new trends coming from the West and South. Without being a cultural force to rival his near contemporary Guillaume Dufay, Wilhelmi provided music which had a long-lasting appeal for the learned, non-professional musicians in Central-European lands. Corina Marti and Michal Gondko, the Swiss ensemble’s joint artistic directors since its formation back in 2000, add their skills as instrumentalists (keyboard, recorders and lute) to those of their quartet of singers in a survey which also embraces further Latin and secular-texted compositions by Nicolaus de Radom, Johannes Tourout and Othmarus Opilionis de Jawor, further examples of how Central European composers were absorbing ideas coming from the Franco-Flemish tradition, Italy and the Ars Nova from France.


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Petrus Wilhelm de Grudencz: 15th-century music from Central Europe <span>-</span> La Morra Petrus Wilhelm de Grudencz: 15th-century music from Central Europe La Morra

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