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  • 2017 Utgivelsesår

Rodriguez, Clara (piano)

Prieto, Genaro | Ramírez, Ariel | Pérez, Germán Darío | Estévez, Antonio | Carlos, Juan | Nazareth, Ernesto | Gershwin, George | Vitier, José María | Cervantes, Ignacio | Lamothe, Ludovic | Romero, Aldemaro

Nimbus Records


Prieto, Genaro: Apure en un viaje;
Ramírez, Ariel: Five Studies;
Pérez, Germán Darío: Ancestro;
Estévez, Antonio: 17 Piezas Infantiles;
Carlos, Juan: Núñez. Retrato Solemnísimo de Al demaro Romero;

Nazareth, Ernesto:
Fon-fon (Brazilian tango);
Odeon (Brazilian tango);

Gershwin, George: Three Preludes;
Vitier, José María: Danza de fin de siglo;
Pérez, Germán Darío: Tranquila-mente, un tipo leal (Colombian pasillo);
Cervantes, Ignacio: Four Cuban Dances;
Lamothe, Ludovic: La dangereuse (meringue haïtienne);
Ramírez, Ariel: Alfonsina y el mar;
Romero, Aldemaro: El Negro José (Venezuelan seis por derecho/Onda Nueva);



In my new CD, the sixth of my collection for Nimbus Records, you can hear through the music of a continent the joy of the dances alongside the historical suffering product of the social struggles that have endured, today and for the last 500 years, the concentra-tion of different cultures on the A merican soil. These works are born from an ancestral knowledge and a concern to understand the roots and amalgam of the many musical and cultural va riety present in our societies. Composers and performers alike rejoice in the richness and beauty of the magnificent blend of three ubiquitous cultures, the Amerindian, the European and the Black African, which form our “terrestrial rainbow” as Eduardo Galeano calls it. This multiculturalism makes us Americans, without frontiers.

All the composers here present have explored in depth the music of their countries creating their own musikal languages. Each piece has a story to tell; Also local poetry has had great influence as names like those of Ata hualpa Yupanqui and Alberto Arvelo Torrealba, among many others, have been invoked in different ways in them. For several years now, I have tended to create my recital programmes, playing solo piano works and others with special guests that enhance the music with their impressive know-ledge of genres and styles. In this case Carlos “Nené” Quintero, Carlos Rodríguez, Manuel Rangel and Edwin Arellano accompany me in six of the tracks. I hope you will like this collection that encompasses so many feelings; From the joyous rhythms to remem-brance, nostalgia and the tragedy of suicide passing also through childhood songs and stories plus the subtlety and smooth swing of the music of a continent. - Clara Rodríguez


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Clara Rodriguez – Americas without Frontiers <span>-</span> Rodriguez, Clara - piano Clara Rodriguez – Americas without Frontiers Rodriguez, Clara - piano

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