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Spányi, Miklós (clavichord)

Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel



Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel:

Kurze und leichte Clavierstücke: Erste Sammlung, Wq113 (H 193–203):
Allegro in G major
Arioso: Andante in C major
Fantasia in D minor
Minuetto 1 & 2 in F major
Polacca in A minor
Allegretto in D major
Polacca in B minor
Allegretto in A major
Andante e sostenuto in G minor
Presto in B flat major
Allegro in D minor

6 leichte Clavier-Stückgen, Wq116/23–28 (H 249–254):
Andantino in C major
Andante in F major
Allegro in D major
Allegro in G major
Andante in G minor
Allegro in D major

6 Sonatine nuove (2 Sonatas), Wq63/7–12 (H 292–297) (Sonata 1):
Sonatina 1 in G major. Allegro
Sonatina 2 in E major. Largo
Sonatina 3 in D major. Allegretto

6 Sonatine nuove (2 Sonatas), Wq63/7–12 (H 292–297) (Sonata 2):
Sonatina 4 in B flat major. Allegretto
Sonatina 5 in F major. Andante
Sonatina 6 in D minor. Prestissimo

4 Keyboard Pieces, Wq deest.:
Allegro in D major, H 255
Menuet in F major, H 258
Allegro in F major, H 256
Allegretto in D major, H 257

Kurze und leichte Clavierstücke, Zweyte Sammlung, Wq114 (H 228–238):
Allegro di molto in F major
Andantino e grazioso in G minor
Presto in C minor
Minuetto 1 & 2 in G major
Polacca in D major
Fantasia in D minor*
Polacca in E flat major*
Allegro in E major
Allegretto in A major
Andante in C major
Poco allegro in E minor

4 Keyboard Pieces, Wq116/53–56 (H 327–330):
Allegro in C major
Allegro in G major
Allegro in E flat major
Allegro in D major

Abschied von meinem Silbermannischen Claviere in einem Rondo, Wq66 (H 272)

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Besides his more than 150 sonatas, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach also composed a large number of single-movement pieces for solo keyboard. Some of these were published in collections, beginning with the Probestücke (Study Pieces) of 1753, included on Volume 22 in this series (BIS-1762). On the present disc Miklós Spányi presents three other sets intended primarily for didactic use: the two collections of Kurze und leichte Clavierstücke and the 6 Sonatine nuove. For the benefit of budding keyboard players, Bach included fingerings as well as varied reprises, providing students with models for adding embellishments. There was obviously an audience that welcomed such material, for Bach's collections circulated widely, and were reprinted in Augsburg, Berlin, and Vienna. Of the 28 pieces contained in them, only one has a duration of more than 3 minutes, and the majority are less than two minutes long. With a seemingly boundless imagination and his great skills as a composer for the keyboard, C.P.E. Bach nevertheless manages to give each piece a distinct character and atmosphere, to a degree that makes Miklós Spányi compare him to later master miniaturists including Schumann, Schoenberg and Bartók. Not all of Bach's shorter pieces were intended for studying, and on this disc the closing Abschied for one has an almost private character: in 1781, Bach sold one of his instruments, a clavichord made by the famous builder Gottfried Silbermann, and was moved to compose a rondo as his farewell to it.


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Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel: Solo Keyboard Music, Vol.30 <span>-</span> Spányi, Miklós (clavichord) Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel: Solo Keyboard Music, Vol.30 Spányi, Miklós (clavichord)

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