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Spányi, Miklós (harpsichord)

Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel



Concerto in C major, Wq 112/1 (H 190):
I. Allegretto
II. Largo
III. Allegro

Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel

Fantasia in D major, Wq 112/2 (H 144)
Minuetto 1 & 2 in D major, Wq 112/3 (H 165)
Solfeggio in G major, Wq 112/4 (H 145)
Alla polacca in A minor, Wq 112/5 (H 166)

Sonata in D minor, Wq 112/7 (H 179):
I. Allegretto
II. Poco adagio e mesto
III. Allegro ma non troppo

Fantasia in B flat major, Wq 112/8 (H 146)
Minuetto 1 & 2 in D major, Wq 112/9 (H 167)
Solfeggio in C major, Wq 112/10 (H 147)
Alla polacca in G minor, Wq 112/11 (H 168)

Sinfonia in G major, Wq 112/13 (H 191):
I. Allegro di molto
II. Largo
III. Allegro assai

Fantasia in F major, Wq 112/15 (H 148)
Minuetto 1 & 2 in A major, Wq 112/16 (H 169)
Alla polacca in D major, Wq 112/17 (H 170)
Solfeggio in G major, Wq 112/18 (H 149)
Fugue in G minor, Wq 112/19 (H 101.5)

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Rabatt: 30 %


On this amply filled disc, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach’s Clavierstücke verschiedener Art (Keyboard Pieces of various Kinds) is presented in its entirety, with the exception of three songs for voice and keyboard. This collection is the most diverse of Bach’s publications and includes multi-movement genres, a free fantasia, a learned fugue, and various short pieces of varying degrees of difficulty. The variety suggests that Bach did not want for his keyboard music to be strictly divided into ‘light’ and ‘serious’ pieces. But he also wished to demonstrate a wide range of techniques of keyboard composition and performance: orchestral writing in the symphony and the concerto, two-part textures in the sonata, polyphony in the fugue, and free and virtuosic composition in the fantasias and solfeggios.

In order to bring a similar variety to his recording of the collection, Miklós Spányi has chosen to perform the pieces on a harpsichord built after the Antwerp maker Joannes Daniel Dulcken. To this double-manual harpsichord offering a wide range of possible registrations, Spányi has added a so-called swell device which facilitates quick dynamic changes. This makes it possible to bring out the contrasts between orchestral and soloistic textures in the Concerto in C major, but also to highlight the different characters in the contrasting pairs of Minuets.


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Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel: Solo Keyboard Music, Vol. 39 <span>-</span> Spányi, Miklós (harpsichord) Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel: Solo Keyboard Music, Vol. 39 Spányi, Miklós (harpsichord)

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