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Various Artists

Soukupova, Vera | Jindrak, Jindrich | Blachut,Beno | Moravec, Ivan | Holecek, Alfred | Pohlreich, Ferdinand

Dvoř | k, Antonin




Antonín Dvořák

Biblical Songs. On text of Bible of Kralice, Op. 99
1.         Darkness and thunderclouds are round about Him. Andantino     02:34
2.         Lord my shield, my refuge and hope art Thou. Andante     02:17
3.         Hear, oh hear my prayer, Lord my God. Andante     03:19
4.         Oh, my shepherd is the Lord. Andante     03:22
5.         Songs of gladness will I sing Thee. Risoluto maestoso     02:48
6.         Hear, oh Lord, my bitter cry. Andante     03:32
7.         By the shore of the river Babylon. Andante     03:29
8.         Oh, Lord, have mercy and turn Thou Thy face to me. Andante     03:18
9.         My eyes will I to the hills lift up. Andante con moto     02:29
10.         Oh, sing unto the Lord a joyful song. Allegro moderato     01:51

Gypsy Songs. On text by Adolf Heyduk, Op. 55
11.         My song rings out with love again. Moderato     02:49
12.         Hey! How my triangle rings out so sweetly. Allegro     01:10
13.         The woods silent all around. Moderato     02:42
14.         Strange, but when my old mother taught me to sing. Andante con moto     02:20
15.         The string is tuned, my lad, time to dance and reel. Allegretto     01:08
16.         Wide sleeves and loose trousers suit better to the gipsy. Poco allegro     01:26
17.         Give the hawk a cage of pure gold. Allegro     01:48

Evening Songs on text by Vítězslav Hálek, Op. 3
18.         Ty hvězdičky tam na nebi     01:59
19.         Mně zdálo se, es umřela     04:42
20.         Já jsem ten rytíř z pohádky     01:50
21.         Kdy Bůh byl nejvíc rozkochán     04:10

Love Songs. On text by Gustav Pflegr-Moravský, Op. 83
22.         The happy flower unfurls not that's long our love's desire. Andante     02:02
23.         Death dwells in many a human heart. Moderato     02:16
24.         Now as by that house I tread. Allegretto     01:28
25.         I know that in sweet hopefulness my love may I give thee. Poco sostenuto     02:50
26.         Over the land reigns a peaceful repose. Allegretto grazioso     01:53
27.         Lonely in the wood I stand, by the rushing brook. Andante     02:18
28.         In the sweet power of thine eyes. Andante     02:00
29.         My only dear one, my dear love. Poco lento     01:35

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