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Morgon / Kveld - Kristin Bolstad

Aurora Records har gleden av å presentere debutalbumet til den norske komponisten Kristin Bolstad,
"Morgon / Kveld". Albumet er satt til utgivelse 22. september og vil være tilgjengelig som vinyl og på
alle digitale plattformer.

Aurora Records is pleased to present the debut album of the
Norwegian composer Kristin Bolstad, “Morgon / Kveld” (Morning / Evening). The album is set for
release on September 22nd and will be available as vinyl and on all digital platforms. 



Tuvayhun - Beatitudes for a Wounded World - Arnesen, Kim Andre

Our world is wounded. All around us we see the cracks. And yet the world is beautiful and blessed
in so many ways. This extraordinary work begins from the Beatitudes and responds with new
poetry that sheds light on who among us might be in need of blessing. These texts, ancient and
new, are woven into a colorful tapestry of music inspired by a variety of traditions, highlighting the
universality of the human experience. TUVAYHUN creates an opportunity for performers and
listeners alike to inspire and be inspired, to be blessed, and be a blessing. 

Sanger om død og glede av Dorothe Engelbretsdatter - Barokk Boreal / Engelbretsdatter, Dorothe

Den unike sangskatten etter Dorothe Engelbretsdatter (1634-1716), med alle sine 1600-
tallsmelodier i skriftlig og muntlig overlevering, er et område av norsk kulturarv som har fått altfor
lite oppmerksomhet. Barokk Boreals utgivelse er en innsats for å puste liv i denne mangfoldige
musikalske arven. Utgivelsen gir også et innblikk i hva slags melodier som fantes i Norge på 1600-
tallet, og hvordan de er tatt vare på i muntlig overlevering.

I hver av de tolv Dorte-sangene som Barokk Boreal løfter fram i lyset, veksler de mellom melodiene
etter notebildene i Dorte-boka (hentet fra den eldste kjente utgaven av Dortes sangbok som
fremdeles eksisterer), og melodier etter folkelig Dorte-sang. Cathrine Bothner-By synger etter
1600-tallstrykkene, mens Øyonn Groven Myhren holder seg til de folkelige. Vegar Vårdal og Ulrik
Gaston Larsen spiller i begge tradisjoner 

Hexachordum Apollinis; Chaconne in C Major - Bissolo, Enrico (cembalo) / Pachelbel, Johann

Johann Pachelbel is remembered today for his Canon in D major, but he was an outstandingly
successful organist and composer whose musical legacy is in fact quite broad and varied. Of his
keyboard pieces the Hexachordum Apollinis is regarded as the pinnacle of his oeuvre and was a
work to which Pachelbel himself attached great importance. Consisting of six arias with variations,
the collection brings together the influence of several schools of music, all filtered through the
composer’s refined tastes and superlative technical skill. The splendid Chaconne anticipates Bach
and is one of Pachelbel’s best-known keyboard pieces.

Instruments details: German school, after M. Mietke (c.1700, located at Berlin’s Charlottenburg
Castle), made by Federico Mascheroni in 2017. This two-manual instrument has two 8’ and one 4’
registers, as well as the lute one. 

Keintata I, II (parts) - Cerha, Friedrich

With the arrangement of parts of his two "Keintaten" the great Austrian composer Friedrich Cerha
wrote the present album for the attensam quartett. Internationally famous not only for his
completion of Alban Berg's "Lulu", but mainly for his monumental orchestral works, Cerha has
always remained musically faithful to his hometown of Vienna and continues to put his own stamp
on Viennese folk music.

With Holger Falk, the attensam quartett has the ideal interpreter of these special songs at its side. 

Mozart Violin Concertos 3 & 4 - Fischer, Julia / Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus

Pentatone re-issues Julia Fischer’s epoch-making Mozart Violin Concertos recordings, starting with
her readings of the famous 3rdand 4th concertos, as well as the Adagio in E Major and Rondo in B-
flat Major, first released in 2005. Fischer performs them together with the Netherlands Chamber
Orchestra under the baton of Yakov Kreizberg, with whom she developed a highly congenial
partnership. When first released, Gramophone praised these performances as “full of disciplined
subtlety and astonishing interpretative maturity.” After many years, this legendary recording now
returns to the market in an attractive Stereo CD version. 



Skazki -
Beethoven – The Complete Works - Beethoven, Ludwig van / Warner Classics

Doing full justice to Beethoven’s awe-inspiring, but profoundly humane genius, this is Warner Classics’ first-ever complete edition of his works. It draws discerningly on the riches of the label’s catalogue, assuring integrity by assigning entire cycles to the same artist, ensemble or team of performers. Classics from the age of the LP are complemented by the best of the CD era and by a wealth of new recordings of rarely heard works that are ripe for discovery. This is a comprehensive and deeply satisfying tribute to Beethoven, a transformative force who has enhanced the lives of music-lovers for more than two centuries. 


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