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Side 1/1 av ca. 8 treff

Bizet, Georges & Dukas, Paul: Orkesterverk - Maazel, Lorin / Gibson, Alexander / Weller, Walter

“razor sharp, brilliant” Classics Today “[Weller] makes The sorcerer’s apprentice sound as dangerous a liability to the sorcerer as ever, in fresh and glowing colours – the LPO at their orchestral best” Gramophone 

Ravel, Maurice & Debussy, Claude: Orkesterverk - Maazel, Lorin

“The new Daphnis glows resplendently: it is sumptuously recorded with splendidly bold detail and refinement of timbre while the Cleveland Orchestra play with virtuosity, impressive unanimity of ensemble and homogeneity of tone.” Gramophone 

Tchaikovsky, Pjotr: Manfred Symfoni Og Andre Orkesterverk - Maazel, Lorin

“Tchaikovsky’s Manfred Symphony has had precious few great recordings; luckily this is one of them … The finale has all the excitement, energy and crackerjack rhythmic thrust needed to make it really fly … a red-hot performance of Tchaikovsky’s Hamlet” Classics Today “Where excitement is concerned, there is no lack at all” Gramophone