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Side 1/1 av ca. 7 treff

Xtended Hearts and Unheard Herds - Ensemble Ernst

Xtended Hearts and Unheard Herds er det anerkjente samtidsmusikkensemblet Ensemble Ernsts andre utgivelse p LAWO Classics. Denne utgivelsen fortsetter der frsteplaten ...BUT... startet, med kombinere Ernsts egne bestillinger med verk med internasjonal appell. Ensemble Ernsts Xtended Hearts and Unheard Herds is the second release on the LAWO Classics label by the distinguished contemporary music ensemble. This album is a continuation of their first, ... BUT , as they combine their own commissions with works with international appeal. 

Navigations - Kyberia/Victoria Johnson/Orning, Tanja

Fr: 199 NOK

N: 119 NOK

Rabatt: 40 %