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Side 1/2 av ca. 39 treff

Suite Life - Bergen Barokk

Bergen Barokks andre utgivelse p LAWO Classics, Suite Life, tar oss med til det franske hoffet p Solkongens tid. Bergen Barokks second release on the LAWO Classics label, Suite Life, takes us to the French court during the reign of the Sun King. 

Couperin, Francois: Pices De Violes Avec La Basse Chiffre - Pandolfo, Paolo (gambe)

BBC Music Magazine Awards 2014 - Finalist Kammermusikk 

Oriental Winds of the Baroque - Oriental Winds of the Baroque / Nystrm, Rolf-Erik (saxophone)

Saxophonist par excellence Rolf-Erik Nystrm is at the helm of Oriental Winds of the Baroque exploring Baroque music through its connections with the Orient, Africa, South-America and the Nordic regions. Biber, Merula and Monteverdis passacaglias are as much a common denominator for interaction between different cultures as the blues.