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Side 1/1 av ca. 29 treff

Couperin, Francois: Pices De Violes Avec La Basse Chiffre - Pandolfo, Paolo (gambe)

BBC Music Magazine Awards 2014 - Finalist Kammermusikk 

Suite Life - Bergen Barokk

Bergen Barokks andre utgivelse p LAWO Classics, Suite Life, tar oss med til det franske hoffet p Solkongens tid. Bergen Barokks second release on the LAWO Classics label, Suite Life, takes us to the French court during the reign of the Sun King. 

Oriental Winds of the Baroque - Oriental Winds of the Baroque / Nystrm, Rolf-Erik (saxophone)

Saxophonist par excellence Rolf-Erik Nystrm is at the helm of Oriental Winds of the Baroque exploring Baroque music through its connections with the Orient, Africa, South-America and the Nordic regions. Biber, Merula and Monteverdis passacaglias are as much a common denominator for interaction between different cultures as the blues.