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Side 1/8 av ca. 220 treff

Ravel, Maurice & Debussy, Claude: Orkesterverk - Maazel, Lorin

The new Daphnis glows resplendently: it is sumptuously recorded with splendidly bold detail and refinement of timbre while the Cleveland Orchestra play with virtuosity, impressive unanimity of ensemble and homogeneity of tone. Gramophone 

Im Freien - Mortensen, Nils Anders (piano)

Musikken p denne platen befinner seg ute i det fri. I mneskinn hos Debussy, under nattehimmelen hos Grieg eller i folkelivet i Bela Bartks "Im Freien", som har gitt navn til CD-en. The music on this album finds itself out of doors - in the moonlight with Debussy, beneath the night sky with Grieg, or out among the people in Bla Bartks Im Freien, from which the title of this recording is taken. 

Premire - Nyman, Bjrn (klarinett)

Det er sjelden her til lands at det kommer ut et album med klarinettkonserter, men p den finske klarinettisten Bjrn Nymans debut-CD som solist Premire fr du hele tre av dem. It is a rare occasion indeed when an album of clarinet concertos is released in Norway, but Finnish clarinettist Bjrn Nymans debut CD as soloist Premire features three of them.