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Side 1/5 av ca. 140 treff

Im Freien - Mortensen, Nils Anders (piano)

Musikken på denne platen befinner seg ute i det fri. I måneskinn hos Debussy, under nattehimmelen hos Grieg eller i folkelivet i Bela Bartòks "Im Freien", som har gitt navn til CD-en. The music on this album finds itself out of doors - in the moonlight with Debussy, beneath the night sky with Grieg, or out among the people in Béla Bartók’s Im Freien, from which the title of this recording is taken. 

Ravel, Maurice & Debussy, Claude: Orkesterverk - Maazel, Lorin

“The new Daphnis glows resplendently: it is sumptuously recorded with splendidly bold detail and refinement of timbre while the Cleveland Orchestra play with virtuosity, impressive unanimity of ensemble and homogeneity of tone.” Gramophone