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Side 1/2 av ca. 40 treff

Prt: Stabat Mater / Moody: Simeron - Goeyvaerts String trio

Pure pitches of just intonation penetrate the soul and dissolve deep sadness into consolation... a moving and intimate experience of Sublime beauty. Arvo Prt and Ivan Moody have both turned to Orthodox Christianity at some point in their lives and this has permeated the work of both of them in a particular way. Prts relationship with the icon has already been examined by Paul Hillier in his musicological monograph about the composer. Moody himself makes a comparison to the icon in his score. The icon is a representation of God or a saint, a reference to the transcendent truth. Prts Stabat Mater and Moodys Simeron each refer in their own way to a truth that unfolds in their music and specifically in these performances. The listener (Orthodox or not) will be affected by the particular tonal texture which, in Prts case at least, far transcends the text and exposes a truth of human existence. 

Bach, Messiaen, Prt, Katt: Organ Works - KATT (Chrobokova, Katerina (organ/voice))

Fr: 189 NOK

N: 132 NOK

Rabatt: 30 %

Musica Selecta - Arvo Prt

Komponist Arvo Prt og produsent Manfred Eicher har vedlikeholdt sitt kreative partnerskap i mer enn 30 r. Eicher lanserte ECM New Series i 1984 som en plattform for Prts musikk, som ga den estonske komponisten oppmerksomhet fra hele verden med Tabula Rasa. Siden det, har alle tidlige opptak av Prts store verk blitt laget for ECM, med engasjert deltakelse fra komponisten selv. Denne foreningen mellom komponist og plateprodusent er, som Paul Griffiths har bemerket, an example of loyalty and collegiality unique in our time.