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Haydn 2032, Vol. 8 - La Roxolana - Il Giardino Armonico

For its eighth volume, Haydn2032 invites us on a musical journey that takes the Balkan route. 

Berlioz: Messe Solennelle -

Composed in 1824 by Hector Berlioz at the age of twenty-one and premiered at the church of Saint-Roch in Paris in 1825, the Messe solennelle has come down to us following an eventful history. 



Botanikk - Else Olsen S / Pauline Oliveros / yvind Storesund / Lisa Dillan
Botanikk Else Olsen S / Pauline Oliveros / yvind Storesund / Lisa Dillan
Olsen S., Else (preparert piano, elektronikk) | Oliveros, Pauline (midi-akkordeon) | Storesund, yvind (kontrabass) | Dillan, Lisa (stemme, glass, metall)
Folk - Hkon Thelin
Folk Hkon Thelin
Thelin, Hkon (kontrabass)

Thelin er en av landets mest innovative kontrabassister. Han balanserer arbeidet sitt mellom utving, komposisjon og undervisning; som solist og ensemblemusiker med blant andre POING og Unni Lvlid, og som lrer i samtidsmusikk og improvisasjon p Norges musikkhgskole. Han turnerer over store deler av verden, og samarbeider med ensembler som Ensemble Modern og Musikfabrik. 



The Golden Age Of The Cornet - Antonsen, Ole Edvard

The trumpet is an instrument of sin while the cornet belongs to the angels. This quotation is generally attributed to Herbert Lincoln Clarke, possibly the greatest cornet-player of all time. In this celebration of the cornet and the wind band tradition, he accordingly gets to both open and close the programme with his two pieces The Debutante and Bride of the Waves. The American Clarke was for more than 20 years, from 1893 until 1917, solo cornet-player with the most famous of wind ensembles: the Sousa Band. His successor in the band, Frank Simon, is also represented on this disc, along with other leading notables of wind band music between c. 1850-1950, such as the Australian Percy Code and John Hartmann, born in Prussia but mainly active in England. Several of these sparkling and virtuosic pieces have been arranged especially for the present combination of Ole Edvard Antonsen and the Royal Norwegian Navy Band, including Ole Bulls The Herdmaidens Sunday (Sterjentens sndag), Griegs In the Hills (Ved Rondane) and Dinicus Hora staccato, usually heard on the violin. 


Side 1/6 av ca. 175 treff