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Side 1/1 av ca. 24 treff

Love Songs - dedicated to Ensemble Recherche - Ensemble Recherche

During preparations for their 25th anniversary in 2010, the ensemble recherche came to the conclusion that There are no love songs anymore! So they requested such pieces for the celebration from various composer friends. 

Shifting Gravity - Starke, Ipke / Daubresse, Eric / Ensemble Courage / Quatuor Diotima / Ensemble Nikel / Ensemble Ascolta / Engel, Titus / Stockhammer, Jonathan

Wergo presents first recordings of chamber music works by the Israeli composer Chaya Czernowin. The eponymous series of works, Shifting Gravity, from 2008 connects the string quartets Anea Christal with the compositions Sheva and Sahaf. The second part of the CD consists of the Winter Songs III (2003).