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Alexandra, Miriam (soprano) | Gijsbertsen, Peter (tenor) | Beenhouwer, Jozef De (piano)

Alexandra, Miriam (soprano) | Gijsbertsen, Peter (tenor) | Beenhouwer, Jozef De (piano)

Schumann, Clara



Drei Lieder op. 12
„Er ist gekommen in Sturm und Regen“ 2‘32
„Liebst du um Schönheit“ 2‘04
„Warum willst du and’re fragen“ 2‘02

Sechs Lieder op. 13
„Ich stand in dunklen Träumen“ 2‘12
„Sie liebten sich beide“ 1‘44
„Liebeszauber“ 2‘25
„Der Mond kommt still gegangen“ 1‘58
„Ich hab’ in deinem Auge“ 1‘59
„Die stille Lotosblume“ 3‘20

Sechs Lieder op. 23 aus „Jucunde“
„Was weinst du, Blümlein“ 1‘40
„An einem lichten Morgen“ 2‘53
„Geheimes Flüstern hier und dort“ 3‘09
„Auf einem grünen Hügel“ 1‘55
„Das ist ein Tag, der klingen mag“ 1‘11
„O Lust, o Lust“ 2‘13

Clara Wieck
„Walzer“ 3‘23
„Der Abendstern“ 2‘30
„Der Wanderer“ 2‘11
„Der Wanderer in der Sägemühle“ 2‘47

Clara Schumann
„Am Strande“ 2‘32
„Ihr Bildnis“ 2‘39
„Volkslied“ („Es fi el ein Reif“) 2‘41
„Die gute Nacht, die ich dir sage“ 2‘05
„Sie liebten sich beide“ 1‘59 „Lorelei“ 2‘19
„Oh weh des Scheidens, das er tat“ 2‘01
„Mein Stern“ 1‘53
„O Thou my Star“ *) 2’05
„Beim Abschied“ 4‘16
„Das Veilchen“ 1‘50


Bicentennial Collection
This brand new Super Audio CD now for the very first time brings together the complete songs of Clara Schumann in the original key – a longoverdue present for the two hundredth anniversary of her birth! Why is this collection so compelling and vibrant? Because all the songs are heard in the original keys and in each case fittingly performed by a female or male voice. Miriam Alexandra and Peter Gijsbertsen of course contribute their share here, while Jozef De Beenhouwer’s experienced and sovereign piano accompaniment shows them in the very best light.

Compositional Career
Clara Schumann enjoyed international fame as a pianist and continued to concertize with great success throughout Europe even when she was the mother of a growing brood of children, a housewife, and her husband Robert’s assistant. She revealed her compositional talent while she was still a young girl – as the twelve-year-old’s “Der Wanderer” and “Der Wanderer in der Sägemühle” demonstrate. Later Robert Schumann encouraged his beloved wife to compose new works and even published joint collections of their songs – a very unusual practice during a time when people at most turned up their noses at compositions by women.

Song Specialist
Clara reached one high point in her vocal oeuvre with the Jucunde songs. The demanding piano part reveals the keyboard virtuoso – but not without offering the singer sufficient room for the luscious design of this music radiating charm, mirth, and joie de vivre. Robert was especially fond of her last song based on Goethe’s “Veilchen,” even though – or precisely because? – it had to vie with Mozart’s exemplary setting.

Spectacular Production
After Robert Schumann’s death in the Endenich Mental Hospital, Clara abandoned her compositional career with few exceptions – an unfortunate development, as we may well think, in view of these wonderful pieces, and one good reason to lavish all the greater care on her existing oeuvre with a high resolution Super Audio CD meeting the very highest musical standards and produced in three dimensions.


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Schumann, Clara: Complete Songs <span>-</span> Alexandra, Miriam (soprano) / Gijsbertsen, Peter (tenor) / Beenhouwer, Jozef De (piano) Schumann, Clara: Complete Songs Alexandra, Miriam (soprano) / Gijsbertsen, Peter (tenor) / Beenhouwer, Jozef De (piano)

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