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La Capella Reial de Catalunya | Le Concert des Nations | Savall, Jordi

Savall, Jordi

Kielland, Marianne Beate (Judith) | Redmond, Rachel (Vagaus) | Liso, Marina de (Holopherne) | Martín-Cartón, Lucía (Abra) | Mulders, Kristin (Ozias)

Vivaldi, Antonio

La Capella Reial de Catalunya | Le Concert des Nations

Alia Vox


Vivaldi, Antonio:

Concerto en Ré majeur per la Solennità di San Lorenzo, RV 562: Andante – Allegro
Concerto en Ré majeur Op. 3, No. 9, RV 230: II. Larghetto

Juditha Triumphans, RV644:
Chœur des soldats assyriens "Arma, cædes, vindictæ, furores"
Récitatif (Holopherne) "Felix en fausta dies"
Aria (Holopherne) "Nil arma, nil bella"
Récitatif (Vagaus, Holopherne) "Mi Dux, Domine mi"
Aria (Vagaus) "Matrona inimica"
Récitatif (Holopherne, Vagaus) "Huc accedat Matrona"
Aria (Judith) "Quo cum Patriæ"
Récitatif (Abra) "Ne timeas non"
Aria (Abra) "Vultus tui vago splendori"
Récitatif (Abra, Judith) "Vide, humilis prostrata"
Aria (Vagaus) & Chœur des soldats assyriens "O quam vaga, venusta"
Récitatif (Vagaus) "Quem vides prope"
Aria (Vagaus) "Quamvis ferro, et ense gravis"
Récitatif (Holopherne, Judith) "Quid cerno! Oculi mei"
Aria (Judith) "Quanto magis generosa"
Récitatif (Holopherne, Judith) "Magna, o fœmina petis"
Aria (Holopherne) "Sede, o cara, dilecta speciosa"
Récitatif (Judith, Holopherne) "Tu Judex es"
Aria (Judith) "Agitata infido flatu"
Récitatif (Holopherne) "In tentorio supernæ"
Aria (Vagaus) & Chœur des serviteurs "O servi volate"
Récitatif (Vagaus, Abra) "Tu quoque hebraica ancilla"
Aria (Judith) "Veni, veni, me sequere fida"
Récitatif (Abra) "Venio, Juditha, venio"
Aria (Abra) "Fulgeat sol frontis decoræ"
Récitatif (Abra) "In Urbe interim pia"
Chœur des femmes de Béthulie "Mundi Rector de Cælo"
Récitatif (Ozias) "Summi Regis in mente"
Aria (Ozias) "O Sydera, o stellæ"
Récitatif (Ozias, Holopherne) "Jam sævientis in hostem"
Aria (Holopherne) "Nox obscura tenebrosa"
Récitatif (Holopherne, Judith) "Belligeræe meæ sorti"
Aria (Judith) "Transit ætas, volant anni"
Récitatif (Holopherne, Judith) "Hæc in crastinum serva"
Aria (Holopherne) "Noli, o cara, te adorantis"
Récitatif (Judith, Holopherne) "Tibi dona salutis"
Chœur des soldats ivres "Plena nectare non mero"
Récitatif (Holopherne) "Tormenta mentis tuæ"
Aria (Judith) "Vivat in pace"
Récitatif (Judith) "Sic in Pace inter hostes"
Aria (Vagaus) "Umbræ caræ"
Récitatif (Vagaus, Judith, Abra) "Quae fortunata es tu"
Aria (Abra) "Non ita reducem"
Récitatif (Abra) "Jam pergo, postes claudo"
Recitativo accompagnato (Judith) "Summe Astrorum Creator"
Aria (Judith) "In somno profundo"
Recitativo accompagnato (Judith) "Impii, indigni Tiranni"
Récitatif (Judith, Abra) "Abra, Abra accipe munus"
Aria (Abra) "Si fulgida per te"
Récitatif (Vagaus) "Jam non procul ab axe"
Aria (Vagaus) "Armatæ face"
Récitatif (Ozias) "Quam insolita luce"
Aria (Ozias) "Gaude felix Bethulia lætare"
Recitativo accompagnato (Ozias) "Ita decreto æterno"
Chœur des Judéens "Salve invicta Juditha formosa"

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«Judith triumphant over the barbarians of Holofernes» is the only survivor of the four oratorios that Vivaldi is known to have composed. The work was commissioned to celebrate the victory of the Republic of Venice over the Turks during the siege of Corfu. All characters, male and female, are interpreted by women (originally the singers of the Ospedale della Pietà in Venice).
Although the rest of the oratorio survives completely intact, the overture has been lost and Jordi Savall has selected 2 existing concertos as introduction, of which the key, mode and no doubt date of composition coincide most closely with the subject of the oratorio.
The oratorio Juditha triumphans marks the climax of Vivaldi’s vocal production. The great beauty of its arias and choral parts, the compact dramatic quality of its recitatives and the richness of instrumentation all single it out as one of the most intense and fascinating examples of the genre.
As you have cme to expect, the booklet is lavishly illustrated and contains the full libretto translated in 6 languages.

The ostentatious musical charms and theatricality of Juditha triumphans devicta Holofernes barbarie (1716) are served vividly in this live concert recording made at the Philharmonie de Paris by Le Concert des Nations, who evidently had a field day bringing Vivaldi’s colourful instrumentation to life...Marianne Beate Kielland sings with mellow beauty...Savall’s direction has pacy dramatic momentum while allowing each number to breathe and speak for itself articulately. Gramophone


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Vivaldi: Juditha Triumphans <span>-</span> La Capella Reial de Catalunya / Le Concert des Nations / Savall, Jordi Vivaldi: Juditha Triumphans La Capella Reial de Catalunya / Le Concert des Nations / Savall, Jordi

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