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London Baroque

Various Composers

London Baroque



Disc 1

Gibbons, Orlando: Three fantasias a 3 (c. 1620): No.6, 8 & 9
Coprario, John: Fantasia Suite (early 1620s):
Lawes, William: Sett No.1 (early 1620s?):
Jenkins, John: Fancy and Ayre for 2 trebles, bass and organ (1630-1650):
Locke, Matthew: Suite in D minor (Little Consort, 1651):
Simpson, Christopher: Suite in D major (c. 1650s):
Blow, John: Sonata in A major:
Purcell, Henry: Sonata XX in D major, from Sonatas in Four Parts (1697):

Disc 2

Ravenscroft, John: Sonata in G major:
Handel, George Frideric: Sonata in G minor:
Avison, Charles: Sonata in D minor:
Boyce, William: Sonata in D major:
Arne, Thomas Augustine: Sonata in G major:
Handel, George Frideric: Sonata in D major:
Abel, Carl Friedrich: Sonata in G major:
Erskine, Thomas: Sonata VI:

Disc 3

Lully, Jean-Baptiste: Trios pour le Coucher du Roi:
Geoffroy, Jean Nicolas: Dialogue pour le clavessin et les violes:
Couperin, Louis: Simphonie / Dialogue
Couperin, François: La Superbe:
Le Roux, Gaspard: Suite No.2 in D major:
Clérambault, Louis-Nicolas: Sonata in G major La Félicité:
Marais, Marin: Suite in G minor from Pièces en Trio:
Rebel, Jean-Féry: Tombeau de Monsieur Lully for two violins and Bc:

Disc 4

Couperin, François: L’Impériale (from Les Nations, publ. 1726):
Dolle, Charles: Sonata in G minor
Leclair, Jean-Marie: Sonata No.3 in G minor:
Boismortier, Joseph Bodin de: Trio in E minor for violin, bass viol and Bc:
Guignon, Jean-Pierre: Sonata in D major:

Disc 5

Vierdanck, Johann: Suite in A major:
A Kempis, Nicolaus: Symphonia No.2 ‘Dolorosa’
Schmelzer, Johann: Lanterly (Sonate a 3)
Becker, Dietrich: Sonata No.26 in A major
Rosenmuller, Johann: Sonata in E minor:
Weckmann, Matthias: Sonata in G major
Hacquart, Carolus: Sonata No.6 in D minor:
Buxtehude, Dietrich: Trio Sonata in G major:
Kerll, Johann Kaspar: Trio Sonata in F major
Biber, Heinrich Ignaz Franz von: Partita No.6 in D major:

Disc 6

Goldberg, Johann Gottlieb: Trio sonata in C major for two violins and Bc:
Fasch, Johann Friedrich: Trio Sonata in C minor for two violins and Bc, FWV N:c2:
Bach, Johann Christoph Friedrich: Trio sonata in F major for two violins and Bc, W. VII/3:
Graun, Johann Gottlieb: Trio in B flat major for violin, viola and Bc from Musikalisches Vielerley, Hamburg 1770:
Telemann, Georg Philipp: Trio in G major for violin, gamba and Bc:
Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel: Trio sonata in B flat major for two violins and Bc (H 584, from Musikalisches Mancherley)

Disc 7

Cima, Giovanni Paolo: Sonata a Tre
Turini, Francesco: Sonata a Tre 2ndo Tuono
Buonamente, Giovanni Battista: Sonata 8 sopra La Romanesca
Castello, Dario: Sonata Decima a 3, Due Soprani è Fagotto overo Viola
Merula, Tarquinio: Chiaconna
Uccellini, Marco: Sonata 26 sopra La Prosperina
Falconiero, Andrea: Folias echa para mi Señora Doña Tarolilla de Carallenos
Cazzati, Maurizio: Ciaconna
Marini, Biagio: Sonata sopra fuggi dolente core
Cavalli, Francesco: Canzon a 3
Legrenzi, Giovanni: Sonata à 3. Due Violini, e Violone La Boiarda
Pandolfi, Giovanni Antonio: Il Marcquetta
Bononcini, Giovanni Maria: Sonata Quinta dell’ Ottavo Tuono un tuono più alto
Vitali, Giovanni Battista: Ciaconna
Pestolozza, Giacinto: Sonata 12
Corelli, Arcangelo: Sonata

Disc 8

Albinoni, Tomaso Giovanni: Baletto in G major (1701)
Bonporti, Francesco Antonio:Sonata in G minor (1705)
Vivaldi, Antonio: Folia (1705)
Bononcini, Giovanni Maria: Sonata II from XII Sonatas for the Chamber (1732)
Porpora, Nicola: Sonata (London 1736)
Samartini, Giuseppe: Sonata V from XII Sonate a due Violini, e Violoncello, e Cembalo, se piace, Opera Terza (Paris 1743)
Locatelli, Pietro: Sonata in D major (1744)
Gallo, Domenico: Sonata No.1 in G major (c. 1750?)
Tartini, Giuseppe: Suonata a tre in D minor (undated manuscript)


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Formed in 1978, London Baroque enjoys the position of being one of the most experienced and long-lived baroque chamber groups. Combining 8 CDs originally released between 2003 and 2013, the present boxed set of trio sonatas can be seen as the fruit of all those years of research, experiment and discovery. The trio sonata was the primary vehicle for chamber music in the seventeenth and at least half of the eighteenth centuries. Its history mirrors other developments throughout the whole of the baroque era. This set is chiefly concerned with those for two violins and continuo, with occasional digressions into those for violin, bass viol and continuo, and one with viola replacing the second violin. Like the string quartet in later ages, most composers (with some notable and regrettable exceptions) tried their hand in the form. The customary addition of a figured bass part played on a harpsichord or organ around 1600 meant that middle parts of the old contrapuntal style could be excluded and chamber music soon began to favour the trio sonata texture. 150 years later, with the string quartet, the process was reversed as the viola took over the middle ground previously occupied by the keyboard. 


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The Trio Sonata through Two Centuries (8 CD) The Trio Sonata through Two Centuries (8 CD) London Baroque

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