Gasparini, Francesco: Mirena & Floro - Ipata, Carlo

Gasparini, Francesco: Mirena & Floro - Ipata, Carlo


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  • 2015 Produksjonsår:
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Following the recent release of the opera 'Il Bajazet' by Francesco Gasparini, [Gramophone Editor's Choice] involving Auser Musici and Carlo Ipata, Glossa is pleased to bring back a recording from 2003 (previously issued by Symphonia) containing comic intermezzi from the same composer, and from the same director – already demonstrating a perfect understanding of the style of this contemporary of Handel. As well as 'Mirena e Floro' (first performed in Dresden in 1718), the recording includes 'Dori e Daliso', a cantata featuring violins and produced for the Roman palace of the Ruspolis two years beforehand.