Schmierer, Johann Abraham: Zodiaci Musici - Ensemble Tourbillon

Schmierer, Johann Abraham: Zodiaci Musici - Ensemble Tourbillon


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There are few composers who have vanished from music history to the extent of Johann Abraham Schmierer. We know very little about this composer’s origins, education, career and life journey. Some listeners, during or after hearing this recording, may well wonder why this music – despite its undeniable qualities and relatively early publication (already in 1902 in the tenth volume of Denkmäler Deutscher Tonkunst) – has not been recorded earlier. One reason is surely the fragmentary character of the collection, for six suites are obviously missing. The main reason why his music was ignored for so long, however, was most probably the composer’s name. Even an unbiased musicologist, interpreter or music lover who stumbles across his name ('Schmierer' is German for 'scribbler') may instinctively ask “Can a composer with such a name manage to write good music?” Now, thanks to Petr Wagner and his Ensemble Tourbillon anyone can hear for himself than he can indeed do so!

“Fluent little dances are served effectively by the ensemble's brightly alert and responsive playing” Gramophone

“lively performances…beautifully played.” Early Music Review