Torroba, Federico Moreno: Guitar Works - Bungarten, Frank

Torroba, Federico Moreno: Guitar Works - Bungarten, Frank

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Even today Andrés Segovia continues to influence our understanding of guitar music like no other musician in his field. This virtuoso's countless compositional commissions contributed significantly to the popularity of the Spanish national instrument and its qualification for the concert hall even beyond his native Iberia.

Outside Spain, however, it is a little-known fact that Federico Moreno Torroba so perfectly matched Segovia's tone even in his very first compositional efforts that the master recommended his works as models for other composers.

Frank Bungarten has set out to give Torroba the credit he deserves with this fine selection from his extensive oeuvre for solo guitar making us eager to hear more.

Torroba's music is in the best hands with Frank Bungarten. After all, Bungarten is one of the most knowledgeable interpreters of the Spanish guitar repertoire. He received the first prize at the Granada Guitar Competition from Andrés Segovia himself and ever since then (if not before) has ranked internationally as one of the most sought-after soloists and chamber partners.