Schumann, Robert: Complete Symphonic Works Vol. V - Holliger, Heinz

Schumann, Robert: Complete Symphonic Works Vol. V - Holliger, Heinz

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Schumann’s 'Konzertstücke' complement his solo concertos. Confined to one movement, they are more concentrated, more pointed in their characters and freer in the development of their ideas than their bigger siblings.

Patricia Kopatchinskaja puts her own stamp onto this compact genre. Corresponding to her performance of the Violin Concerto (on Vol. 4), she also interprets the 'Violin Fantasy' without any Romantic bias. She traces Schumann’s contrasts with a broad sound palette, clear sounds alternating with intensive vibrato, and virtuoso passages characterised by nimble agility. The Fantasy finds its expression in Kopatchinskaja’s free approach.

Alexander Lonquich’s performance of the two Konzertstücke for piano follows an individual, but nonetheless Romantic reading, favouring rich sounds and carefully controlled accentuation as a means of expression. The covertly multi-movement Konzertstück for Four Horns reveals Schumann’s symphonic experience: he softens the boundaries of the symphony as a genre in the Classical-Romantic tradition. April will see the release of the Schumann edition’s final volume, showcasing the 'Zwickau' Symphony as well as the complete Overtures.