Kinderliefde Vol. 1-3 - Diverse utÝvere

Kinderliefde Vol. 1-3 - Diverse utÝvere

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 The Lieder project is a co-operative charitable project between SWR2 (Southwest German Broadcasting Company), Carus, over 100 performing artists and now more than 300 children. 

Following the highly successful Lullabies (Wiegenlieder, 2009) and Folk songs (Volkslieder, 2010), SWR2 and Carus turned to the German Children's songs (Kinderlieder) in 2011 and 2012. For the first time, all of the Kinderlieder from the Lieder project are being issued in a box set of 3 CDs. 

With a colourful combination of child soloists, children's choirs, concert singers and instrumental ensembles, this CD box will make not only children want to sing.