Schütz, Heinrich: Weihnachtshistorie - La Fenice

Schütz, Heinrich: Weihnachtshistorie - La Fenice

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Christophorus now reissues a 2003 recording previously included in the catalogue of the French label K617 but long discontinued, featuring Claire Leffiliâtre, Hans-Jörg Mammel, the Choeur de Chambre de Namur and La Fenice, all under the direction of Jean Tubéry. Heinrich Schütz’s Weihnachsthistorie (Christmas Story) of 1660 is definitely one of the composer’s masterpieces, and unfailingly amazes, fascinates and captivates the listener by its sheer beauty and its obvious quality, something which is true today as it was in its day, as the work immediately achieved a resounding success upong its first performance in Dresden… Many Kapellen requested the composer’s authorisation to perform it as part of their Christmas liturgy, but Schütz quickly took steps to ensure control over performances, mindful of his author rights. In this case, musical inspiration and business sense unquestionably went hand in hand!