Draeseke, Felix: Chamber Music - Moragučs, Pascal | Joulain, Hervé

Draeseke, Felix: Chamber Music - Moragučs, Pascal | Joulain, Hervé


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  • Moragučs, Pascal | Joulain, Hervé Produsent:
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  • 2016 Produksjonsår:
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With this CD series, TYXart in co-production with the new Joachim Wollenweber Edition (www.jarmandi.de) refocuses the public’s attention on forgotten composers from the baroque period all the way into the modern age. New sheet music editions are created in collaboration with top artists, musicologists and radio stations, with CD recordings being published at the same time. This sixth album of the CD series introduces an especially active and unconventional representative of neo-romanticism with a horn quintet, a clarinet sonata, and two works for horn and piano: Felix Draeseke. In spite of suffering from a hearing defect, he created not only chamber music, but also virtuoso concertos and sacred compositions the styles of which are truly remarkable. These chamber music recordings with wind players and strings available again for the first time are a true treasure in this edition.