Schneider, Friedrich: Das Weltgericht - Oratorio - Meyer, Gregor

Schneider, Friedrich: Das Weltgericht - Oratorio - Meyer, Gregor


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A magnificent oratorio, long forgotten, has been rediscovered in Leipzig.
Gregor Meyer conducts the Gewandhaus Chorus and the camerata lipsiensis in
Friedrich Schneider’s Das Weltgericht. The composer, pianist, organist, and
Anhalt-Dessau court music director Friedrich Schneider was one of the most
creative and productive minds in the Central German music world during the
first half of the nineteenth century but today is unfortunately a forgotten
man. Das Weltgericht was once one of the most famous German oratorios,
inspired euphoric headlines everywhere when it was first composed, and
occasioned genuine storms of enthusiasm among concertgoers. The libretto is
by August Apel, who based his text on the biblical accounts of the Last
Judgment in Matthew 24-25 and the Revelation of John. A plot in the strict
sense is not narrated; rather, the persons are biblical messengers who tell
us of heaven, hell, and earth. This oratorio situated between classicism
and romanticism was often performed but then was forgotten for many
decades. The conductor Gregor Meyer wants to stimulate a new discussion
about the oeuvre of Friedrich Schneider, who once lived and worked in
Leipzig. A critical edition of the source materials will assist him in this