Keiser, Reinhardt: Der blutige und sterbende Jesus - Oratorio - Klapprott, Bernhard

Keiser, Reinhardt: Der blutige und sterbende Jesus - Oratorio - Klapprott, Bernhard


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Reinhard Keiser’s Der blutige und sterbende Jesus is not only the very
first German Passion oratorio but also a highly suspenseful contribution to
the Passion season. Lost for many years, it is now available for listening
on CD in the revised version of 1729. The dramatic and musical design of
Keiser’s work is astonishing. As in the Italian oratorio type that gained
currency after 1700, there is no Evangelist or other narrator, which means
that the work has a purely dramatic structure. Even though Keiser’s
librettist Christian Friedrich Hunold, whose pseudonym was »Menantes,« did
not cite any one of the four Evangelists word for word in his adaptation of
the Passion narrative, it is quite evident that the poetic elaboration is
(primarily) modeled on Luther’s translation of the Gospel of Matthew. As
might be expected, Hunold and Keiser based their work on the dramatic means
of the opera typical of their times while working on the one hand with
contrasts between short, often homophonic five-part choirs of the two
different groups of participants and on the other hand with multipart,
interior monologues by the main characters. The great number of very highly
expressive arias and ariosi, each of which has its own very special
character, produced a tightly woven fabric that, far from the traditional
Kantorei tradition, forms a link to the modern music of its times. Keiser’s
oft-praised instrumentation artistry is shown here in his innovative,
effectively and enthrallingly varied tone-color combinations in the
orchestra. His talent for the clear delineation of a musical scenario with
only a single accompaniment voice is legendary.