Macque, Giovanni de: Madrigals / Canzoni for organ - Cordes, Manfred

Macque, Giovanni de: Madrigals / Canzoni for organ - Cordes, Manfred


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Giovanni De Macque was a member of the last generation of Franco-Flemish
composers during Europe’s early modern period. Although he is hardly known
today, he enjoyed great esteem during his lifetime. The lion’s share of De
Macque’s oeuvre is formed by madrigals for four to six voices. Moreover, he
composed pieces known as madrigaletti (the diminutive refers to the smaller
ensemble and the »lighter tone« of the content and the music), a collection
of Latin motets for up to eight voices, and instrumental works, some of
which are heard in a representative cross section on this CD. All of the
pieces heard here are from the Sesto libro de madrigali de cinque voci,
which was printed in Venice in 1613, a year prior to De Macque’s death. The
collection covers a broad spectrum of verbal and musical registers. The
texts set to music draw on Arcadian mythological topoi and also treat
moralizing and religious themes. Carefree delight and the vivifying power
of nature as well as lover’s grief, despair, and sorrow – De Macque
expresses all these feelings, situations, and impressions in his pieces.
His madrigals may also be said to exhibit a considerable thematic and
stylistic variety. His music for keyboard instruments also occupies an
important place in music history and in particular significantly influenced
the development of the seventeenth-century Neapolitan school.