Handel, Georg Friederic: Italian Cantatas - La Risonanza

Handel, Georg Friederic: Italian Cantatas - La Risonanza

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The chamber cantata flourished in Italy as a counterpart to public opera and oratorio, cultivated by aristocratic patrons for their personal enjoyment. Perhaps because of its essentially private origins, this pervasive Baroque form remains relatively little known today.  Between 2005 and 2009, Fabio Bonizzoni and his ensemble La Risonanza issued one of the most important CD series of the last decades. In seven volumes and featuring some of the brightest stars of the Baroque vocal galaxy – such as Roberta Invernizzi, Nuria Rial and Raffaela Milanesi –, Bonizzoni delivered milestone versions of all the chamber cantatas with instrumental accompaniment that George Frideric Handel composed during his stay in Italy (1706-1710). The seven volumes are now available in a limited edition box set that includes a booklet with a newly written essay and all the sung texts, and the original PDF versions of the booklets included in a data session on the seventh disc.