Park: Choral works - Trinity College Choir Cambridge / Layton, Stephen

Park: Choral works - Trinity College Choir Cambridge / Layton, Stephen


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  • Trinity College Choir Cambridge / Layton, Stephen Produsent:
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  • 2018 Produksjonsår:
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As John Rutter (Owain Park’s erstwhile teacher) shrewdly notes in the booklet, Park is one of a new generation of composers whose voice has been informed by music of many styles, traditions and periods. This is indeed music ‘for us all to enjoy as listeners’.

One feature of his music is its wide range of historical reference…clothed in Park’s own musical language, which is contemporary in orientation but with resonant harmony which falls easily on the ear. He chooses texts imaginatively and has a special gift for radiant choral ‘orchestration’…Altogether, this is a welcome introduction to a composer of impressive achievement and considerable promise. BBC ***** / ****

It is inconceivable that these pieces could be performed better…While a distinct personal voice is yet to emerge, there is enough of real musical quality and individuality here to make one suspect that Owain Park is no mere one-minute wonder but a composer who is going to make a very distinct mark on the British choral tradition. Gramophone