Schubert: Impromptus, Piano Pieces & Variations - Osborne, Steven (piano)

Schubert: Impromptus, Piano Pieces & Variations - Osborne, Steven (piano)


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Steven Osborne shines in lyrical new performances of seven of Schubert’s greatest late works for piano, plus the extended Hüttenbrenner Variations of 1817.

Steven Osborne is perhaps the outstanding British pianist of his generation, certainly one of the most versatile and adventurous…where Osborne excels is in his grasp of structure - if anyone remains who thinks that Schubert just rambles delightfully on, these accounts should lead to a rapid change of mind; and in coping effortlessly with Schubert's unhelpfully awkward leaps. BBC

Osborne immediately presents himself as a Schubertian of the utmost seriousness and integrity, and throughout the disc [he] offers finely gauged and beautifully regulated playing. His is a patient, ostensibly non-interventionist approach, in which the poetry of Schubert's music is allowed to speak for itself. Gramophone