Parry: I was glad & other choral works - Westminster Abbey Choir / O'Donnell, James

Parry: I was glad & other choral works - Westminster Abbey Choir / O'Donnell, James


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  • 2015 Produksjonsår:
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The pageantry of a nation is encapsulated in the music of Sir Charles Hubert Hastings Parry, Baronet, Knight and fervent supporter of the suffragette movement.

This new programme from Westminster Abbey contains some lesser-known early works alongside blazing performances of the favourites, recorded in the very building for which many of them were so skilfully crafted.

O'Donnell's performance of I was glad is hugely expansive and majestic...I'm not sure there isn't an element of overkill...Still, it's difficult to resist the spine-tingling monumentalism of the performance, especially in its high-resolution download format...Jerusalem thrills without bombast, while a no-holds-barred Coronation Te Deum brings this virtually ideal introduction to Parry's choral output to a scorching conclusion. BBC ****

The Choir of Westminster Abbey give solid, well-crafted performances…Onyx Brass play very well, with a wide range of dynamics, and many listeners may welcome their contribution…there is also a plethora of magical orchestral registers [from the Abbey's 105-stop Harrison organ], brilliantly exploited by Daniel Cook in his superb, colourful accompaniments. Gramophone