Liszt: The Complete Piano Music - Howard, Leslie (piano)

Liszt: The Complete Piano Music - Howard, Leslie (piano)


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Gramophone Magazine June 2011 Re-issue of the Month

Leslie Howard’s recordings of Liszt’s complete piano music, on 99 CDs, is one of the monumental achievements in the history of recorded music. Remarkable as much for its musicological research and scholarly rigour as for Howard’s Herculean piano playing, this survey remains invaluable to serious lovers of Liszt.

Every known note of Liszt’s piano music has been recorded and is included here: Leslie Howard’s 57 original volumes plus the further 3 supplements.

GUINNESS WORLD RECORD for the world’s largest recording series by a solo artist.

Almost any way you choose to look at it, this is a staggering achievement...Howard is particularly convincing in those works where Liszt focuses on a particular technical problem...The grand scope of this project gives us the chance, as listeners, to experience the almost incomprehensible breadth and depth of Liszt's imagination. Int. Record Review



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