Beethoven: Piano Sonatas Nos 8 "Pathetique", 14 "Moonlight" , 21 "Waldstein" & 25 - Osborne, Steven (piano)

Beethoven: Piano Sonatas Nos 8 "Pathetique", 14 "Moonlight" , 21 "Waldstein" & 25 - Osborne, Steven (piano)


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Steven Osborne has been performing Beethoven live in concert for many years, always to great acclaim. Now for the first time he has committed these extraordinary performances to disc. It is clear from listening to the opening movement of the ‘Moonlight’ that this release will establish him firmly as one of the great Beethoven pianists of today. Performances of such passionate humility, such musical intelligence, such subtlety and yet such instinctive understanding of the music are rare indeed.

This disc features three of Beethoven’s most celebrated sonatas and the miniature Op 79.

There is the familiar pellucid tone, the thoughtful and clear phrasing...Along the way, Osborne offers some lovely one could deny his charm in the Moonlight's Allegretto. Gramphone

These accounts of the Moonlight and Pathétique are both clean and powerful...Osborne performs the little G major Sonata, Op. 79 with great clarity and almost severely classical articulation...Perhaps the most intriguing performance here is of the Waldstein's finale. BBC ****