Opera Recital - Novotná, Jarmila

Opera Recital - Novotná, Jarmila


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Jarmila Novotná in a nutshell? The answer is simple: a Czech star of the Metropolitan Opera in New York. From the very beginning, great artists accompanied her meteoric rise (Destinnová, Tenaglia, Malatesta and Piccoli as teachers, and the conductors Toscanini, Klemperer, Zemlinsky, Kleiber, Walter, Blech, Széll...). She appeared to great acclaim on all the most prestigious operas stages worldwide. A beautiful stage presence, natural dramatic performance, utmost certainty of vocal technique and genuine sensitivity predetermined her attaining global celebrity. Her life, however, was affected by the dark events in Europe and her homeland. She fled the Nazis at "five minutes to midnight", from Berlin, Vienna and Prague. Her ship reached the New World on 15 March 1939, the very day the Germans entered the Czech capital. With the cachet of a Met star, during World War II she participated in dozens of charity concerts and radio programmes for occupied Czechoslovakia. Yet the Communist takeover of Czechoslovakia in February 1948 prevented her from returning to her beloved homeland. The war and other historical events thus paradoxically "sentenced" her to pursuing a career at the Metropolitan Opera, whose audiences she dazzled for 16 years. The CD comprises unique remastered recordings of Jarmila Novotná's singular take on selected world-famous arias.