Stolen Pearls - Ginastera - Schumann - Schubert - etc - Schwartz, Nicholas (double bass) / Fedorova, Anna (piano)

Stolen Pearls - Ginastera - Schumann - Schubert - etc - Schwartz, Nicholas (double bass) / Fedorova, Anna (piano)


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  • Schwartz, Nicholas (double bass) / Fedorova, Anna (piano) Produsent:
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  • 2021 Produksjonsår:
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• A rich booty of musical discoveries from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.
• Repertoire written for other instruments shines in a new light through ‘the giant of string instruments’: the double bass
• With her husband Nicholas Schwartz, Anna Fedorova releases her 5th appearance on Channel Classics.

In this programme two musicians travel criss-cross through two centuries and six countries in search of melodious gems. Gems that really belong to somebody else’s ‘domain’. For here we listen to the giant of string instruments, the double bass, as it whets its appetite on the melodious and virtuosic repertoire of its smaller siblings, the violin, viola and cello. Surely, the double bass can sing compellingly too, and tackle the most daredevil escapades? Yes, it can, and in so doing it surfaces from those low and hidden orchestral depths in which its life and lot usually lie. For this recording the double bass and its faithful friend the piano, have journeyed extensively, bringing home a rich booty of musical discoveries, ‘stolen gems’ from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. From Argentina, Germany, Austria, the USA, Russia and Italy.

Many people ask, “Why the name ‘Oyster Duo’?” Having met on the sands of the Brazilian coast, we bonded over the mutual love of the oyster! The oyster is a sophisticated, refined delicacy that tastes of the boundless sea, which not unlike the music, can even have an aphrodisiac effect! When we were thinking about the name for our duo, we considered the oyster’s delicate and refined qualities, yet wild taste of the sea. Similarly, we believe that sophisticated music making must still be played with freedom and abandon. We also happened to be eating oysters at that moment! (…) In our opinion, the double bass is an incredibly vocal instrument that rivals the cello in an expression similar to the human voice. With its incredibly long strings, the bass has a power of speech that (in sensitive hands) directly speaks to the listener. Its rich tonal colors suit a vast variety of musical styles from all over the world. By listening to this album, we hope that the experience will change your perception of the double bass and appreciate how these “Pearls” of the repertoire shine in a new light! We hope you enjoy our music as much as we enjoy oysters!