Moritz Landgraf Von Hessen: Sacred And Secular Works - Cordes, Manfred

Moritz Landgraf Von Hessen: Sacred And Secular Works - Cordes, Manfred


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Renaissance in the North Vol. 3
Landgrave Moritz von Hessen-Kassel, »Maurice the Learned« from the House of Hesse, ruled Hessen-Kassel from 1592 to 1627. He numbered among the intelligent rulers who had a broad interest in the arts and sciences and felt an inner need to acquaint themselves with a number of disciplines and
with details motivating them to put their heart and soul into artistic expression. Already at the age of fifteen Moritz impressed his professors during his studies and distinguished himself with his universal knowledge in theology, mathematics, poetry, various languages, and other subjects.
From the very beginning music was what mattered most to him, and he was instructed in this discipline by Georg Otto. In his own compositions he initially imitated Otto, Franco-Flemish composers, with whom he had become acquainted through his acquisition of musical scores, and the current modern achievements in this field originating in Italy. The art-loving landgrave also developed his taste from the works that a number of composers – above all Michael Praetorius, Heinrich Schütz, Melchior Franck, and Hans Leo Hassler – dedicated to him.
The WESER-RENAISSANCE ensemble led 
by Manfred Cordes is presenting some of his sacred and secular works on the third volume of our Renaissance in the North series.