Schubert, Franz: Schwanengesang - Holzmair, Wolfgang (bariton)

Schubert, Franz: Schwanengesang - Holzmair, Wolfgang (bariton)

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Booklet including lyrics in German and English and Wolfgang Holzmair´s ideas underlying the programming of Schwanengesang.

"Holzmair's technique was astonishing, all the more so for its offhandedness. In "Abschied," he intoned each of the two-note "ade"s with instrumental accuracy — it was as if he were defining the intervals with small bells. The precisely terraced dynamics of "In der Ferne" and the unearthly tranquility of line he brought to "Am Meer" were the products not just of interpretive insight, but also of absolute control of technical resources. The real trick in Schubert is to make this most difficult of music sound simple, and here Holzmair excelled." Fred Cohn in Opera News about Schwanengesang, Frick Collection New York, May 2014